Dunscar Golf Club Safety and Etiquette Guide

Please accept these rules and etiquette guidelines in the spirit in which they are written. We want you to both enjoy your round of golf and also respect other people on the course so that they too can enjoy their round.

Before Play Tee Booking:
• All players MUST book a tee time on the clubs tee booking system for competition play and social golf. Members must place ALL names on the sheet.
• Before anyone commences play, they must check in with the professional shop, guest fees must be paid and Play More Golf members must book tee times via the PMG booing Portal .
• For guest and visitor bookings wishing to play before the professional shop has opened, you must only do so with prior approval from the professional shop.
• If you have booked on the tee booking system and then want to move or remove your booking for any reason, your playing partners MUST be informed BEFORE you move or cancel. If you find you cannot move due to system lock out then the professional shop staff will facilitate the move providing you have cleared the move with your playing partners.
• When using the practice areas please be aware of other golfers and car parks.
• Buggies and Trolleys: If using a buggy ensure you know the buggy routes. Please use all designated paths on the course as these are designed to keep buggies on high ground
• NO buggies OR trolleys are allowed on the fringes of any green or tees.
• During Play Slow Play: Slow play is one of the biggest challenges at any golf course and you should endeavour to keep up with the players in front and not just ahead of those behind. If the players behind are waiting, please let them through. On occasions, a member of staff or designated course marshal may go out on the course to monitor slow play. If approached, please treat them with respect.
• Please repair pitch marks on the green even if they are not yours and replace divots and stamp them down, again even if they are not yours.
• All Play must commence from the 1st Tee only, any players found to be jumping in around the course may be asked to leave the course.
• The maximum number of players is 4.

Dunscar Golf Club values the health and safety of all our visitors and members of the public (be aware they maybe on the public footpaths around the course) and hope that you can enjoy uninterrupted play, however in the event of adverse weather please take time to ensure you are familiar with our Supension of play policies which can be found here